When I grow up

Browsing around the internet I found this article on the BBC site
titled ‘When I grow up I’ll be’
it’s a follow up on a study done with 11 year olds in 1969.
I found it an interesting read.

And I had to laugh as just by chance this cartoon arrived by email the same day
– ‘When I grow up I want to be like Mommy’
not sure how long it’s been doing the rounds but it rang a bell with me.

Did any of you have the child that wanted to be a Mum because they stayed home all day and did nothing?

I wonder if they remembered that wish when they became first time parents and stayed at home ‘doing nothing’ except clean and wash and iron and nurse and feed a babe?

When I’m out walking I occasionally see a little boy and his younger brother playing in front of their house.  Well actually its more like the bigger one is playing and the other is hanging around watching lol

The Mum says the younger one wants to do everything his older brother does
‘Me too, Me too’ is his catch phrase.

The bigger boy tells me that ‘When I grow up I’m going to make swings that go down to the ground so that younger brothers can climb straight into their swings just like he does and not have to wait for Mums to lift them up and complain because they are getting too heavy!!

Sounds good to me – wonder if he’ll ever do it?
Has your life been the way you thought it would be when you were a youngster?

15 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. Ha ha, I enjoyed that artwork and explanation by the Mum…
    and I thought that little boy’s ambition in regard to swings was so cute.


  2. that letter was funny, it did clarify the situation, lol. I read your article. It seems to be that chance also plays a big part in this mystery of life!


  3. Very interesting post Cathy – and fun to see what these youngsters did with their lives. I wanted to be the first woman president of the US and wrote this in a diary. Now that I’m finally old enough (60’s) I have lost my ambition to do so. What a horrid job anyway – I can’t imagine anyone wanting to run a country. I have trouble enough running my home.


  4. My daughter says that now! She wants to be a stay home mum because it’s easier. I cannot wait till she has her first! She is in for a rude shock


  5. Thanks for visiting. Actually my cousin Alicia took this photo. I posted it before, and this time , I forgot to credit it. I think if you go across to Devonport , you can take this photo. Alicias didn’t tell me if she ent up Victoria summit, or at the jetty. She didn’t know herself.

    On St Patrick’s day, our Auckland Sky Tower will be Green. When I first posted the photo, I explained that my cousin Alicia took this photo. Alicia came to visit and stay with us. We told her to go across the bridge and take it from the other side of the isthmus. I posted on Facebook. Alicia’s first baby as born yesterday. Perhaps she could name him Patrick.

    Today, apparently KFC is inviting everyone to Coyle’s park in their Beach picnic. e live here in Pt Chev, and they invited my son to go without telling him what it was about. We walked there, and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. He doesn’t like junk food.


    1. Done the sons bit (three not six) and the station wagon (oh ours was so difficult to park, I couldn’t judge where the end of it was ) no picket fence tho’ husband says they need painting too often lol


  6. I saw that about the pole dancer mom a while ago and it made me laugh then, just as it does now.

    I always wanted to be a Police Woman……….

    Gill in Canada


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