Its all right for some!

So who do you think I’d be using that phrase about??

I’ll give you two guesses –
and as my Mum would say
you’re either right or you’re wrong 🙂It would seem that while I was turning

Into this

– Kiera, The Brown Beauty herself –
was doing this lol

As I said above
Its all right for some – nothing to do and all day to do it in
Able to sleep the day away – not a care in the world
Some people have all the luck!

I don’t know about you but next time round I’m coming back as a Cat lol

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13 thoughts on “Its all right for some!

  1. I say it often – if I could just have the life of my cat, I would be perfectly happy. Just an occasional mouse to catch. Food and shelter for free for life. Not even having to worry about the litter box – the humans will clean it often. No-one complaining if you nap the afternoon away. Ahh, your Kiera has the good life just as my Theo does.


    1. All the cats we’ve had over the years and none of them have brought home a mouse – there have been birds deposited on the doorstep (and elsewhere) but no mice. Shame about that as I’d have much preferred them to hunt the mice than the birds!


  2. G’day Cathy. What a life that lucky puss has. The bedroom looks just lovely Cathy. Thanks for letting me know that the comments come through to you ok. Take care. Liz…


  3. isn’t that just the life? Too cute! I remember one extremely hot day a few summers ago, when we, the humans worked like crazy on staking hay, which in itself is a very tiring chore, and the donkeys just laid in the sand sunbathing. I also love when they just stand all in a line watching us humans clean up around and after them.


  4. I always new that I wanted to marry and have children and I did, but I didn’t bargain on the rocky road ahead and the health problems that Tom would have. But through it all we are still together and the kids all say that they enjoyed their time at home so we must have done something right. lol


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