Oh Grandad, where arrre you??

Thats the call that went out yesterday morning – unfortunately Grandad is interstate again this week and was unable to respond 😦

Lots of kids wouldn’t want any adult touching or even being anywhere near their computer, but thats not the case with some of our grandchildren.  They look on grandad as Mr Fixit – if anything goes wrong the call goes out for the big G.

Consequently I was down the road first thing this morning with my daughter accompanied by a poorly laptop – they are a one car family and she really didn’t want to take public transport with the l/t over her shoulder.

After she explained the problem and reassured him all school work and other necessary things had been backed up onto another ext. drive the nice man who looked more like a young school boy instead of a fully qualified computer wizz making millions solving other’s problems said he’d have it fixed by this afternoon.

Grandson along with his Dad was to return – cash in hand – and pick it up after school.  Grandson has not long started working (after school) at a local shop and hadn’t planned on spending his ‘salary’ on running repairs to his computer.

So Grandson now wants to know if we have plans to be out of town during the next month or two l – just in case the same problem arises again!!

Nice to be loved isn’t it lol