End result pleases

Late last month – actually the day I had computer problems and ended up moving the blog – I started to knit a little jacket for a friend’s grand baby girl.  As usual I was fiddling with sizes and patterns and to begin with it just didn’t work out the way I wanted so with Mum’s voice in my ears (patience is a virtue) I plodded along.

Little clothes on special at one of our big stores + just the right shade for the colour work = a set I rather liked and am happy to give to the little one to wear during the winter.   These were size 0, (6 – 12 months) which will be about the right size when the weather cools down.  I added a little tshirt – just because!  It was the same shade pink and matched the trousers lol

Never one to pass up a bargain I had picked up a couple of other colours at the same time, then rummaged through my wool stash with the idea of creating similar jackets and sets to donate to a charity I have links to.

Well that was the idea – some of my friend’s non knitting friends heard about the pink set and as they both had new little grandsons asked if they could have the ones I was about to do.  They did offer to pay but I brushed that aside – there are some eggs coming my way as a contra deal arrangement lol 

I love the way the blue turned out as nice and crisp as the pink

You know years ago when I knitted for my babies we would never of thought of dressing them in grey – that was an older child’s colour, the colour of school uniforms.  Not these days – the grey/white striped sets were walking out the door as fast as the staff could fill the rack.

There were stripy (is that a word?) turtle necks and plain grey ones on the racks  but I’m sorry, I really couldn’t see a babe in those so this set has a slightly different neckline.

I also decided a plain white jacket with a little lacy pattern at chest height along with the plain grey pants would give a look that was modern and smart but not too overpowering.  Do you agree?

They are being picked up this week and even though I say it myself I’m quite pleased with the end result.  I started with a really easy basic pattern, added some individual touches and ended up with three very exclusive gifts.

Do any of you get a thrill from creating something really nice from almost nothing?  How do you blend your bargains to make them look even better?

14 thoughts on “End result pleases

  1. G’day Cathy. They really are beautiful. You have done such a great job. Good on you. Cathy, do my comments come through to you ok? Take care. Liz…


    1. Thank you for the compliment Liz. I’m wondering why you were concerned about your comments as they are coming through just as they should do.


  2. they look fantastic Cathy! I wish you lived closer then I could pay to to teach me to knit like you do.


    1. Angela, I’ve found the trick to making something look good is to use a simple pattern that can’t be ‘stuffed up’, if you remember the earlier post from last month you would have realised I kept on stuffing it up – once you got close to me Angela you would realise I’m not the most patient person in the world lol
      I wonder if there are knitting classes at a community centre near by to where you live?


  3. You are an awfully generous friend to not charge for these great sets. However I have learned there is more satisfaction in giving away creations because there isn’t a way to put a price on them. Plus you’re going to come out great with the barter system:)


    1. I agree with you on that one Annie – I used to knit for profit (cash) and after a while it became ‘just a job’ and I got no sense of ‘giving’ when I finished each garment.


    1. It took a while GGG but I got there in the end.
      Now I do have to say there is one good thing about knitting baby clothes – they take a lot less time than scarves lol


  4. You’re so clever Cathy! They all look adorable although I must admit, I love the grey ensemble the best. It looks so very ‘with it.’ I used to love to knit and crochet but here it’s usually too hot…my hands get sticky and clammy…poor me living in Paradise eh? Smiles A.


    1. Hello Astrid
      The pink and blue are very traditional whereas the grey set does have a sharp newer look about it that would appeal to some – I have to say i was pleased with all of them.


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