Family Photos

After last weekend’s session on the floor you would think I’d had enough of family photos.  Not so indeed:)
Look at this beauty that arrived by email on Sunday evening – Taken 1905 in Dublin showing Four Generations of Women.
Four generatons of women who form part of my family tree.

My Great Grandmother Jane Muir  – whom I’ve written about before.
Reminisce here

My  Great Great Grandmother Jane Gatherer – who I wondered about in the same post

My Great Aunt Lilly Doyle and her new born daughter Gladys Patton

Jane Gatherer is three generations back from my Mother – and I can see Mum in her eyes

They are Irish Eyes and they certainly were smiling that day  – same as they are today as I look at that photo and wonder.

9 thoughts on “Family Photos

    1. I will certainly treasure it Sharon because it arrived unexpectedly from a very distant cousin who I have little contact with


  1. Oh, the photo is wonderful! Lucky for you to have it, especially since there are four relatives in the same photo. I’ve only got a photo two generations back from my mother, but I cherish the photo of my great-grandmother. Thanks for sharing.


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