Cold Wet Windy Weekend

Now don’t let that little bit of blue sky fool you – this past weekend was cold wet and windy – so much so I spent most of it on the lounge room floor and not in the garden as I had planned

I was sorting the contents of a very large box that had lived in the wardrobe of my late aunt’s house,  The  house was sold when she moved into a nursing home several years ago and I’d been ‘minding’ that box ever since.

Most of the contents were photographs, lots and lots of photographs!!

Not only modern coloured ones (still in the developers packets) but an enormous amount of black and white ones that were all jumbled up in another rather large box. I’d hadn’t forgotten the promise I made to my cousin (her son) that some time I’d ‘sort them’ for him – its just that the right time never seemed to pop up.  Until this weekend just gone.

These ones you can see here were just a small amount of the old black and white ones she had dating right back to the 1920’s.  It was a mish mash of sizes, as well as large portrait types and modern 6″ x 4″s there were what seemed like minature squares 2.5″ x 2.5″ and also many many of those impossibly tiny prints they used to have 2.75″ x 1.75″.

Strange as it may seem it was easier to do a lot of the sorting on the floor.  Yes, I agree the floor looked slightly messy at one stage of the game – but there was method to my madness!- start on the floor and then move up to the table.

Make piles placing like or similar size together, turn each pile over to see if there were any developers numbers, sort again like with like as per numbers and so on.  Some unmarked ones I was able to sort by occasion, christmas and birthdays were arranged by who was there and the clothes they had on.  Little piles turned into big piles and made their way to the table: unfortunately I had to bag them all up yesterday (each individual pile seperately) but at least I’d made some progress and will go back to them again some other time – whenever that might be lol

I have no idea why I put this off for so long – once I got going I thoroghly enjoyed it.  It was really good seeing so many stages of Aunty Pam’s life there in front of me and I can’t wait for the next sorting day when after I finish the B/W piccies that are left I get to tackle the coloured ones.

What are you like are sorting out memorabilia – Are there things in your life you wish you’d got on to much sooner?

9 thoughts on “Cold Wet Windy Weekend

  1. Hi Cathy, with that sort of weather you picked just the right inside activity. Those sort of jobs can seem daunting can’t they, but once you’ve made a start it all works out. What little treasures you must be finding too!


  2. Oh good job. I have a huge number of photograps that I should sort, then there’s the knitting wool I have stashed away and don’t get me started on all the patterns. For now I’m having a bit of a half hearted declutter but one day I really must have a serious set to – or get you round.


    1. Hello Jenny – some days you just have to do what you have to do and on that particular day the box of photos had ‘pick me’ written right across the front. My knitting wool and patterns will have to wait their turn – if yours are anything like mine it can’t come soon enough lol


    1. Gill it took me ages to decide on my starting point – maybe you could assign yours into the various families to begin with


  3. I see that I’m not the only one with mounds of photos: my own, and those of deceased relatives. I was just thinking today, that I’d like to get the negatives converted to digital and stored on a CD. Yes, I still have negatives in packets. It’s a big job! Good for you in getting started.

    I’m afraid to lay that many out on my floor. They might stay there for a month! LOL


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