Creature of Habit

Are you a creature of habit?

Do you do the same things each day – clean your teeth the same way – go to bed at the same time – set the table in the same manner – sleep on the same side of the bed?

Is that habit or just finding ways to do things in ways that suit?

I didn’t think I worked that way until yesterday.

Dh has gone interstate for a few days which is good in some ways – it makes me feel single – I can do what I like and when I like, I like to think of it as being independent lol

It’s also bad in others – I’ve got used to having him around to solve my problems lol

I needed his strength to open a new jar of pickles last night, I was using all my strength trying to twist the top and do you think I could get it to move.  I used my two ‘sticky’ cloths but they didn’t work, put the lid under hot water, gave it a bash on the side, no luck.  Then I solved the problem with a trick I’d heard somebody  recommend – use the point of a knife and ‘lft’ the lid a little to break the seal and the top will unscrew.

Result: Cheese and Mustard Pickles for tea lol

But back to the habits part of this post.

During the day I nipped into the loo and automatically closed the door – did the same thing later in the afternoon, then as I was doing that very same thing just before going to bed it dawned on me that there was no one else apart from the cat in the house so why was I closing the door?

Maybe I am a creature of habit after all lol

12 thoughts on “Creature of Habit

  1. I’m enjoying a little ‘independence’ at present, too, Cath. My DH has been called out of retirement to cover for an injured colleague for a few weeks. It means I have shirts to wash and iron again but I’m enjoying having some time to myself! (He’s probably feeling the same.)

    And, yes, when I look over the day, I realise that I have a lot of routines and habits, too. The one that I really can’t break is clearing the kitchen before I go to bed. No matter how late it is, I cannot sleep if I know there are dishes to be put away or worktops to be cleared. I don’t know who I think might catch me out!


    1. Oh yes, the washing and ironing of business shirts sort of goes out the window in retirement doesn’t it Maureen. Casual wear has taken over these days and with luck its non iron casual wear at that lol


  2. Yes, Cathy, I admit it, I am a creature. I have become set in my ways and am dictated by my health. My DH is also working – and I don’t know for how long on this stretch. I get used to him being gone and I feel strange when he gets home, I feel I must shut the bathroom door, I must be covered, etc.

    When I am my own person (weather permitting) I wake up, I put Jill outside, I eat breakfast, I turn on the comp… bedtime is the reverse pretty much. When he’s home, it all depends on what crazy idea he’s been thinking about; as to what we do – it makes me nuts. I guess I like routine.


  3. My problem is that I never close the door and then have to remember to do that when we have company in the house. Right now my routine is disrupted by having to stop everything to feed that baby goat. Have you ever tasted pickled green tomatoes? And if you hadn’t remembered to pry up the lid of you pickle jar, I was going to suggest that. I always have a “church key” around to lift the jar lids. Does anyone know what a church key is? I just realized most probably haven’t heard that term. Oh lookie — your comments let me request to be notified of new posts and follow-up comments. Does this mean I’m going to have to change my blog to wordpress also? I might.


    1. OK Annie – I’m going to have to look up ‘church key’ as the name doesn’t ring a bell lol

      So far I’m having no problems with WordPress, if you aren’t happy where you are it could be an idea to change over – I’ve read so many complaints about B…… these past few days its a wonder anyone is still using them.


  4. Some habits make life easier… no thinking required. 🙂

    I love being home alone; maybe because there are 5 of us. I wonder will I have that feeling when my three children move out to start their lives as adults.

    A tip for jar opening: turn it upside down and bang it flat on a hard surface – just hard enough without breaking it, of course. Or, use a heavy utensil, like the thick handle of an ice cream scooper, and hit around the edges of the lid.

    Thank you for leading me to your WordPress location. Blogger is acting up again. They’ve done something that took away the ability to subcribe to followup comments. I’ve noticed it on everyone’s blog who use to have it. Now, I’ve gotta figure out how to get it back. I like my readers to be able to get the followup comments on a post without having to sign back in.

    Oh well…I hope WordPress works out better for you! I may have to join you 🙂


    1. Thanks for the upside down tip Anita – I hadn’t heard that one before. I did try the ‘hitting the side’ one before I tried the lifting the lid one. You know what they say about ‘Where there’s a will, theres a way’ well I was determined to find that way lol
      So far all is going well with WordPress but I am still at the learning stage – I’ll plod along ‘as is’ for the moment and then look at other things to add.

      Take care


  5. Lol I,always close the loo door too and I’m the only one in the house all day every day. But if hubby is gone at night I revert to leaving all the doors open so I can hear the babies even though they are gone too!


  6. So glad you dropped by to let me know how to access your new blog! I am definitely a creature of habit – especially the ritual of getting ready for bed at night and also getting started in the mornings.

    A great way to open a jar, by the way, is to turn it upside down and very flatly bang the top on the countertop – not hard enough to break the jar, but just enough to break the seal. It works every time for me!


    1. Hello Glenda
      Glad you made it – I was hoping you would.
      Anita mentioned the same tip as you about banging on the counter top – my Dad used to talk about there ‘being many ways to skin a cat’ and that seems to be true when it comes to opening jars with tight lids!


  7. Glad your blog is up and running again. I’d like to be a creature of habits but the kids stop that from happening :-). I also bang the jar to break the seal.



    1. Hello Libby
      Yes I crossed my fingers and so far all is going ok.
      Won’t be long before both the children will be off and away and you can develop those little habits you can call your own although I bet there are some things you do the same way every time and just don’t realise it


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