A surprise encounter

Like lots of people I have a love of Icecream and Chocolate but I also have a Love of Lighthouses; last weekend we spent time in Port Fairy here in Victoria and I got to see the one on Griffiths Island. 

Its been there since 1859 – and from 1929 until 1954 Hugh Haldane (see his picture below) was the last last resident lighthouse keeper living on the island making sure the light kept sailors safe from the rocky shore.

It takes about an hour to walk round the island so I was really pleased to see this sign

and a  glimpse of the lighthouse in the distance

When we arrived at the lighthouse I had a great time clicking away and then discovered that close to the lighthouse was an old wooden bench
Another favourite ‘love’ of mine lol
Photos of the lighthouse contain the bench!!

And funnily enough photos of the bench contain a lighthouse!!

And photos of the old wooden bench contained what else
But a view of The Ocean lolThere are more Watery Wednesdays to be seen here

6 thoughts on “A surprise encounter

  1. Oh boy, could just sit on that bench and gaze away! Lovely photos. Yes, lighthouses have a special allure. I spent hours once reading through diaries written by a lighthousekeeper’s wife and it was fascinating.


  2. Me and that bench would be having a love afair.

    You couldn’t lose regarless of where you pointed your camera. How nice.


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