Weekend Away

We have just come home from a lovely weekend away with friends.  We popped down to Port Fairy which is in the south west of our state.

There I walked along the sandy beaches with no shoes on – talked to a dear friend I hadn’t seen for 12 months who as you can see enjoyed this peaceful time walking the beach and taking in the sea air as much as I didMuch to my delight I got to see a lighthouseWe saw swans we thought were rocks – till they lifted their heads.and a Marsh Wallaby who was totally unconcerned with us walking by whilst he cooled off in the water.

More to come another day

some of these photos are best viewed enlarged

4 thoughts on “Weekend Away

  1. Your weekend away sounded so nice Cathy. Lovely beach walks are always invigorating.
    Fantastic photo of the wallaby having a paddle!


  2. I dreamed the other night that my goats gave birth to kangaroos. Must have dreamed that after seeing this post. Don’t you wonder if the Lochness monster wasn’t swans on the water?


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