It was just another day until…..

Wednesday started out just like any other day – only thing different was that I had a little look at breaksfast tv just before it finished for the day.

Looks like somone somewhere has come up with another diet breakthrough lol

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Once I was really awake and with it I decided I’d better do the dishes that were sitting beside the sink – apart from the bowls and pots from the night before (not a regular habit I might add) there was just a few things from breakfast. Was sad to see my window sill roses hadn’t lasted too well this week so they went out on the compost.

Then it was time to set the washer in motion – I’d left a trail of clothes all the way from the bathroom to the laundry so just left the lid open when I went to pick them up.

Then it was back to the bedroom for the  bits Dh had left on the floor at the side of the bed lol

It certainly took no effort to close the lid and smile at the blinking lights that were merrily telling the little onboard computer what I wanted it to do lol

Then I had a big decision to make

Would I carry on with the knitting that had caused me so much grief the night before

I had decided to liven up a little white jacket with a bit of fair isle – which meant adapting a chart to a different set of numbers.  Each time I tried a row I could not get the pattern set so I had a go at it while I was watching that morning tv.

For some reason even with that distraction I got it in one lol

Or would I tackle the table still covered in ‘craft’ supplies I used a few days before

Instead I decided I’d get on the computer and start a new post over at Still Waters

Trouble was Blogger didn’t like our browser and that means I can no longer post over there –

Blogger’s loss – WordPress’ gain :))

4 thoughts on “It was just another day until…..

  1. Your stack of unwashed dishes is much smaller than what I seem to collect and they are tider, too. Try as I might, that is my least favorite chore. I’d rather sweep the garage and often use that as an excuse to let the dishes go. Maybe if I hang aroun d your blog a while I could change my ways.


  2. It took me a while to fathom out where to put my comment but I have succeeded. I’ve got you on my RSS feed now so I can find you again. It looks like one busy (normal) day. So much to do – all we have to do is choose. I like to get the chores done first then it’s Playtime.
    Love from Mum


  3. G’day Cathy. That is a nuisance about blogger, but like you said, it is their loss. I hope this comment comes through to you ok. Can you still get all your favourite blogs from Blogger? Take care. Liz…


  4. Hi Cathy, thanks for leaving your new address on my blog. Yes, I agree, if you’re having too many problems with Blogger it’s time for a change. This new blog of yours looks great. I love your header pic too.
    Loved the description of your day… lol, both of us are clothes droppers on each side of our bed, it was beaut to read of someone else doing that!!
    Thanks, as always, for dropping over to my blog. Cheerio for now, Susan :D)


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