Letter B revisited

Quite a while ago (2010) I began to embroider a gift for
my dear friend Bonnie who lives in Canada.
I don’t know if anyone remembers me telling you all all about it
This is what happened last time I worked on it

Now even after I spent time sorting it out that day I still got annoyed and as often happens in my house
once things get put to one side and covered up – as in put away in a knitting bag
– yes I keep all my sewing in a knitting bag, doesn’t everyone?? –
they are not seen again for a while.

Yes, that was back in Nov 2010 as I mentioned above – quite a while ago lol

This recent sorting out of cupboards has almost turned into a game of lucky dip ‘cose guess what I found!!

It turned out that all I had to do was unpick one or two wayward stitches and give it a couple of hours attention
And guess what – it is now what they call a FO – a finished object.

It may not have got to her as a Christmas gift
but the card and matching paper are sitting there
so it is almost ready to send off for her birthday in April
Have you any long lost and found projects on the go?
Or do you start and finish things without a hitch?

8 thoughts on “Letter B revisited

  1. Também tenho coisas esperando para ser terminado…mas o que eu gostaria mesmo de fazer é caminhar por este lugar lindo do seu cabeçalho e sentar neste banco…se eu pudesse…vou sonhar com isso!!!


  2. I try to finish what I have going. A few years ago I found a pattern pinned to some fabric and the pins had rusted! It was, at some point going to be a dress for my youngest. It was a size 3 …… and she is in her 30's!! I will be working on one item and suddenly have an inspiration. As much as I want to put it to one side, I will force myself to finish!


  3. Funny you should ask that! Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning out a wardrobe in the spare room and I cam across a few projects I'd started last winter. I've pulled them out ready to carry on when it cools down again. Love the cross-stitch too, by the way. Sadly I had to give that up due to the arthritis in my hands. Susan


  4. I tried to comment today a few times, but it never worked until now…I love the letter "B", is absolutely gorgeous. As for "old" projects on the go…I have plenty of those, only problem I haven't them yet again. Well actually I haven't been really looking either, because I know there are just too many!


  5. G'day Cathy.That embroidery is just beautiful. You have done a great job. Your friend will just adore it. What a lovely gift for her to receive. I am always finding things that have been hidden, especially patchwork patterns. I am often heard saying "Oh, I forgot I had that"!!!! Happy Valentines Day. Take care. Liz…


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