Harbour Views

Having a little look at the photos from our cruise last November and I remembered what we saw as we waited for sailaway at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.  The miserable wet weather gave the water in the harbour a cold univiting appearance also a very grey look to the Harbour Bridge
Compare this to the view 14days later on our return from New Zealand.  Sunny blue skies and clear horizon gave the harbour and the Harbour Bridge a very different appearance   I wonder how many people form their memories on the look of water?

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12 thoughts on “Harbour Views

  1. Sydney Harbour is so interesting for all its piers/wharves and boats and buildings on its shores! Beautiful and interesting any season and in any weather! Always different! Your photos beautifully highlight just how different it can be! (I was born and raised in Sydney but now live in Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula.)


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