Window Dressing #1

I can’t let these nice clean windows go to waste can I?
My Gardenia is flowering and smells so nice and sweet
I just had to bring a couple of blooms indoors
The tiny rose in the jar is labelled
A late pre packaged bare root buy in its first year
it could be mislabelled as it certainly isn’t the colour or the height described on the label
But there will be more seasons to come so it may mature and look ‘right’ next year
Each time I see this funny little cat with the curly twisted tail I have to smile l
He really makes my day
Its been a while since I took part in Todays Flowers
so I hope you enjoy my window dressing
There are more flowers from around the world
to be seen here

5 thoughts on “Window Dressing #1

  1. Hi Cathy, this would brighten my day having such lovely blooms in a pretty vase, and as for the kitty collectible, he's certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you!


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