A job well done

I love the feeling of finishing something I really didn’t want to do
then standing back to admire my handiwork
I get a satisfied feeling – knowing what started out as a chore has morphed into a pleasant surprise
With my shoulder playing up early last year from the injury I sustained the year before and then the osteo- arthritis in my spine causing me so much pain and suffering there were things around the house that hadn’t been cleaned for a while. 
My kitchen windows for one – I had intended to do them before Christmas but like a lot of things time got away from me.  I am lucky in a way that they are under cover and aren’t at the mercy of the weather but even so this morning they were splattered and smudgy and looking really gross. 
Now what do we see here
Bright shining spaarkling clean windows 
Yes, for some reason I felt really motivated this morning
Actually I was fed up looking at them and knew I wouldn’t be happy with whatever Dh did to them
one of my failings – not being able to delegate:(
So chore or no chore I got going and am I happy with the result!
I can now see that lovely tidy deck and way down the garden
without having to peer through the grubby curtain and water splashes  
Oh and when I had cleaned the outside panes I also tidied up the back deck 

BTW thanks for all the lovely comments you made about the cosy lived in look and feel of this space

Many of you called it a porch which I think is a lovely term but I tend to think of a porch as being at the front of a house and be quite a small area
This is at the back of the house up off the ground and running almost the width
but doesn’t go round the corner
 so to us it’s ‘The Back Deck’ 

At the moment it looks rather bare without all the stuff lying about

yet I know within a few days I’ll get lazy and leave things lying around again:)

Oh and look at that

I loaded these without really looking at them and only just noticed someones tail there lol
Didn’t take her long to claim her chair did it??

ps, all it took a dollop of vinegar and a smaller one of washing up liquid
in a bowl of warm water
then newspaper used to wipe the window clean
A tried and true method used in my house all my married days
carried on from when I had to clean them at home before that 
Are there any jobs you put off
and what motivates you to get them done?

5 thoughts on “A job well done

  1. Well done, Cathy! Your windows and deck look great. That combination of vinegar, washing-up liquid and the newspaper polish is one that I grew up with. I have to admit to using Windowlene now, though.Kitchen cupboards are my put-off-until-I-can't bear-them-anymore job. Once I get started, I whip through the lot but motivation is hard to find. I get on with it when I know I have someone coming to stay who might just offer to help out in the kitchen!


  2. My windows need washing so bad, and the screens need to be cleaned, but I have no idea how to clean those screens, they do not come out of the track. I would just as soon just break them out, they are full of leaf pieces and spider webs and dead bugs. They really are disgusting and cleaning the windows doesn't make it look any better.Your windows look so great and I love your deck/back porch! How I would love that for myself!


  3. Hi Cathy, I must have been missing your posts for a while and was surprised when you "popped up" on my reading list. I was beginning to think you had given up blogging. So happy to have found you again. Your garden looks beautiful


  4. G'day Cathy. Your "Back Deck" looks lovely. What a great area to have and the view into your garden looks delightful. Isn't it a great feeling when we do something that we have been putting off? Well done. Take care. Liz…


  5. Now I know why we don't like to clean our windows…it just leads to more work. Now that I have a wonderful housekeeper, I noticed how dirty my windows were. She doesn't do windows so I had no choice but to clean them myself. I would have used newspaper but there isn't any in our house. We read our papers online. Love your "back deck".


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