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Outside the back door

By the time I ventured outside today Kiera had already made herself comfy on one of the chairs. 
More often than not she fancies the old armchair but obviously it wasn’t to her liking this morning. 
Looking around it struck me I hadn’t ‘tidied’ up out the back when we locked up for the night 
Even tho’ its reassuring to know the insurance company rates our neighbourhood as ‘good’ and I know there isn’t much of value out there to be pinched apart from the barbie – and even ‘value’ is debateable in that instance – I still don’t like to leave things out overnight. 
It certainly has a lived in look about it – one that makes it easy for you to track my day by what I’d left lying about
So where exactly did my interests lie yesterday?
Looks like gardening and reading about gardening 
Knitting with fine yarn  
There was sewing – of the dainty ladylike embroidery type – aka as cross stitch
And Christmas Decorations??
How did they get out there
A quick glance sideways as I came to the back door – no it didn’t look any tidier from this angle lol
Here’s part of my Santa collection 
I’ve no idea how come they were left there 
well I do really
I didn’t use all the collection this year – just picked a few out of the big crate
then took the boxes back out to the garage
Each time I go out there I forget to bring them (the boxes) back to the house
Big Tin Santa and some of his mates are waiting patiently till they can take a well deserved rest.
With all that hot weather we had recently its a good job it isn’t my Snowman collection 
or they would be in real trouble wouldn’t they lol  
If you look at the way my old gardening shoes, dirty socks, gloves and hat
were discarded beside the chair its evident I was in need of a drink and a rest
After a cool start it got hot so they would have been removed mid afternoon
Thats when I had a wash and went on to other things lol

Another lacy scarf on the go – this ones for someones birthday
 And the cross stitch is for Dh. 
Its a sampler of historical buildings in Colchester – the place where he was born and bred.
I have sewn it once before but don’t remember it being so fidly
There are lots of blended colours – you know – one strand of this colour and one strand of that colour
They give the buildings that ‘old weathered’ look but are a real nuiscance in the making lol  
And here on the shoe rack are shells from our travels
Extremely big ones and tiny tiny small ones
Some of the Grandkids love to look at them, sort them, touch them
and wonder how they came to be on the beaches where they were found.
There are sand dollars and pieces of dead coral along with a couple of pine cones from one of the enormous  pine trees that grew in our garden for years but because of age had to come down before they became dangerous.  Sad but thats the way it had to be.
The kids games are still there from Christmas time – easy ones – nothing to difficult
– Grandma doesn’t play those lol
After surveying that lot and getting peeved because I left the handwork out there
I decided the best thing to do was take a leaf out of Kiera’s book  
Just have little sit down – think about things- and enjoy the early morning sunshine :))

9 thoughts on “Outside the back door”

  1. I love your porch! We have a porch on the front of the building, but I have to always be aware that everyone coming into the park can see it. It is a rare thing to be able to sit and relax there. People tend to find me too easily.I need back porch inside the privacy fence ………


  2. Hi CathyI love your house, always look so cozy like a nest. I think its all the hobby stuff about the place. This year I am going to make more effort with my craft stuff. Aside from the pleasure of making something it does seem to be good for my joints!Happy New yearLizzie


  3. Dear CathyI wish you a very Happy New Year, with a good health, love and happiness to your family!You photos are beautiful and your dog, too!Many greetings


  4. It looks so pretty and lush in your outdoors compared to our stark leafless tree view from our porch. Enjoy the sunshine and those crafty projects!


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