The house in the park

Some of you may remember the park I walk in occasionally
The one with the wetlands and the bridge
The one I mentioned here earlier in October and also in April of this year
Its the one that has lovely benches – some new and some old like this one
The land was owned by a family with the surname Bridge
hence the featured bridge in what is now a council owned reserve
Well, if you stand at the bridge and look back you will see a fenced in area
 with some brightly coloured buildings

The house was part of the sale when the council bought the land and is now the home of the local Neighbourhood House and Garden Centre as well as a Community Playgroup
It is a beautifully calm place – full of lots of arts and crafts and other goodies
So from the front driveway
right through to the back entrance
you never know what is going to pop up
Mosaics are a popular class as is evident here at the front door 

There are lots of windy interesting paths that make the small block seem so much bigger

I’ll tell you more about it next week
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