We’re in the money

Well thats what Dh thought when I brought the shopping in the other day
You see there are pears and oranges and apples and kiwi fruit on the bench
and look at what else I produced from the bag
To put it mildly I’ve really missed my bananas
Entire plantations were wiped out early this year thanks to Cyclone Yasi
I needed something to celebrate the fact that my aches and pains seem to have subsided
and as the price had dropped
a little bit
Down to $5 a kilo from the $13 they were priced at not that long ago
I treated us to a couple each lol
Oh that one tasted so good with my porridge this morning lol
And talking of produce
take a look at this
One container garden in full swing
Tomatoes and Beans have taken and seem to be flourishing
And I’ve even managed to clear most of the mess from down the side
Will try gravel on top of the weed mat  
Some growing Toms and more to come

3 thoughts on “We’re in the money

  1. Our tomato growing season is over and this part of the U.S.A. did not have good results due to our horrible drought. It makes my mouth water just to look at your soon to be ripened tomatoes on the vine.


  2. Didn't get many tomatoes until the end of the season and now we have had our first frost. I have all the green ones on the counter and they will ripen …… it is just not the same as when you pull a juicy ripe one straight from the vine, though!!


  3. Your garden looks good. Produce on the way again. I bought some bananas this week too and have savoured every mouthful. Maa


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