House on the other corner

What with one thing and another I haven’t had time to even think about
approaching the people in the house I spoke about last week 
But I thought you might like to see another photo from the set I took that day
It was taken as I approached from across the road 
What I was actually interested in was the wavy shape of the low picket fence on this block 
not realising the other house was there as well
Most of the homes in this area are timber/weatherboards on 1/4 acre blocks and have been there well over 50 years
so consequently many of them are in need of renovation.
Which is what’s happening as more and more of the original owners are moving on and younger ones are moving in
The house with the wavy fence (across the road from last weeks one) has just had a facelift  
I took these as I walked past on a sunny day this week
I know they have been working inside for a while but the exterior is now looking quite fresh with its new roof.  The coat of paint on the boards and the chimney breast along with a new front deck/porch arrangement really make it a worthwhile investment.  
The curved pathway across the front of the house is new as well and shouldn’t be quite so noticeable when the lavender grows taller and fills out.   With the grass and gazanias and what look like olive trees along the fence line, its certainly not a fussy front garden, just neat and tidy, which means it should be easy to look after

And here’s another shot of the short wavy
– or should that be undulating –
as in having a wave like appearance –
picket fence. 
 Look at those lovely patterns on the ground from the top of the pickets
Oh and look, theres that other house again

9 thoughts on “House on the other corner”

  1. Wonderful post for the day and it is interesting to see more of this house! I love the fence! Looks like a lovely neighborhood! Wonderful photos! Hope you have a great week, Cathy!Sylvia


  2. Interesting wave in the pickets, for sure. It's nice to see the homes being renovated rather than torn down and replaced with a huge monstrosity to impress their friends (which often happens in the Greater Toronto Area).


  3. The wavy picket fence is so charming – and those weatherboard houses are a treat when maintained and painted – you live in a lovely neighborhood!


  4. Lovely old houses on decent sized plots, not like the ticky-tacky boxes they build here and have the nerve to call 'town houses' or 'family homes.'Here they knocked down a lovely old 3 bedroom cottage with a beautiful garden, it is now a weedy patch waiting for two town houses to be built on it.


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