Not always sweetness and light

‘You can’t always have what you want’
That’s something my Mother impressed on my from a young age
Oh, and another saying of hers was
‘You have to take the good along with the bad’
Some winter days in Far North Queensland are great
Like this day in Queen’s Beach, Bowen
July 25th 2011
Sunny skies with a hint of cloud reflected in the watery sand as the waves rolled in and out
And then there are others that are not so great
Like this day walking along the same beach
August 4th 2011
Very grey skies with lots of dark clouds
Definitely not reflected in the cold looking sand as the waves thundered in and out
As you can see the weather had a mind of its own on this trip
We didn’t always get what we wanted
and certainly had to be content with the bad along with the good

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17 thoughts on “Not always sweetness and light”

  1. Wonderful captures…the beautiful blue sky with the fluffy clouds, the whitecaps on the water, gorgeous reflections, the texture and colors in the sand…the list goes on and on. Lovely photography. genie


  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Reminds me of the trips we made to the Oregon coast — never knowing exactly how it was going to be — windy for sure. We were always prepared for cold and wind and it usually was — but we always found ways to enjoy ourselves. Ya get what ya need!


  3. Great photos! We just returned home from the beach in North Carolina today – just a few hours drive. It was amazing how calm and sunny it was on Monday, yet today it was wet and windy and raining. It's autumn here and the weather was 84 F degrees yesterday.


  4. It is just so fascinating the way that the same place can look so different from day to day–as you proved in these two photos of your beach. Both beautiful in different ways. All this year I've been photographing Kentucky skies on the first day of the month. Soon I'll collect them in a yearly mosaic.


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