My bench of the week

I saw a lot of this very nondecript wooden bench
whilst we were in Bowen during the winter
Its up on the foreshore of Queens Beach
A great spot to sit and watch the world go by 
Always in the shade
No chance of being burnt to a cinder
to really enjoy these photos – click and enlarge 
This couple obviously thought the same way I did
A perfect place for looking out to sea
For enjoying the peace and quiet
For watching the waves roll in
And having a cup of tea 
accompained by some rather nice looking cake
Theres a car park near the LS Club
so they’d taken a bag of goodies with them for a midmorning snack 
They agreed to photos as long as they couldn’t be identified
Is there a special place close to home you enjoy ?

10 thoughts on “My bench of the week

  1. A small postage-stamp park was built smack dab in the middle of downtown where there used to be a building that was torn down. Grass, trees, flowers and a lovely gazebo was built with a wire frame on the top, which a huge wisteria has entwined itself. Benches are around the inside and it is very peaceful sitting there


  2. What a beautiful and peaceful looking spot, who wouldn't want to sit down there and have a little picnic.I could use that spot right now!! lolMonica


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