Things that made me smile

This past week or so have been rather difficult for me
As I mentioned before I’ve taken to walking fairly close to home
mainly to ‘help lighten’ my mood and exercise my legs
but also to see whats going on now the spring like weather as arrived
Not too far away is a special park I go to
Regular readers will have seen photos before of the views and pathways
(See my header above)
Fancy a look at what I saw the other day??
Because its school holidays there were loads of children and adults 
enjoying the sunny day but it was other locals that took my fancy to begin with
Ducks swimming quietly making soothing ripple patterns on the water

This long gangly looking water bird is one I’ve not seen before
I could see it popping its head up and peering around,
then bobbing back down again
I’m sure if anyone saw me creeping up to try and capture a photo through the trees they would have thought I was loopy lol

A white face Heron I think
Then there was this ‘all seeing all knowing’ what I thought to just be what we call a Cocky (Cockatoo) high up in a gum tree. 
Turns out it was a Long Billed Corella

I could see this little huddle of girls in the distance
(far enough away for them not to be identified)
Looking at the one with her hands  on her hips
I really wondered what they were talking about.
Whatever it was she certainly seemed to want ‘her’ way lol

Coming out to cross the road and make my way home
I felt we are really lucky to have the benefit of this reserve close to so many homes
It took a while to take shape – there were drainage problems to start off with – but that all seems to have been taken care of.  The grassy areas that died off during the drought have greened up and the whole place has a nice inviting look about it
Then coming back up the road I saw something I hadn’t see for quite a while
A couple taking their babe for a walk in what looked like a ‘proper’ pram and not a stroller/pusher three wheeled contraption
It made me smile to see the father’s ‘in charge’ attitude
very different from when my babes were in prams
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7 Replies to “Things that made me smile”

  1. A really lovely park, marvelous captures and what a delightful place to walk and lift the spirits! We can surely all use that these days! I'd come along with you, too, that's for sure! Hope you have a great week, Cathy!Sylvia


  2. Hello Cathy, it is so nice when the weather cooperates with us. I love being outside on nice days. And walking is just great exercise too. Your photos are great and I loved the birds of course. Thanks for sharing your world, have a great day!


  3. A nice place to walk in and birdwatch. That second bird is a White-faced Heron, a really lovely bird.Glad you had a nice day for your walk. The Dandenongs are really lovely at this time of year with all the rhododendrons flowering.


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