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There’s a saying here in Melbourne that if you don’t like the weather just hang around because it will change soon.  Yes we have grown to accept it’s unpredictable nature in that we sometimes are likely to experience 4 seasons in one day. 
Believe it or not, it actually was the inspiration for a song 
and this is a link to a youtube video
1992 Crowded House  
So after coming home from warm sunny Queensland to a rather cold miserable Victoria it came as no surprise that the past few days were absolutely beautiful.  Dry and sunny with really great temps reaching the high 20c’s (28c/82f) yesterday, then changing quite dramatically with thunder lightning torrential rain overnight to a rather wet cold day today lol    The shorts and tshirts have been replaced with nice warm fleecy track pants and windcheater.
Mind you the good weather was a great help for me in the garden.  Remember last July I spoke about trying to grow vegetables again this year – well I’m determined to have another go so the other day had a look at the chosen  spot.  Beside/behind the back of the old garage, near the washing line and the water tank meaning it definitely wouldn’t/shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten. 
Oh dear it was more of a mess than I thought.  Somewhere to the right of this picture behind that old barrow and those buckets to be precise.
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Having those warm days meant I fired up and cleared most of that area, turned over the old compost heap and gathered up some containers.   Weeding the left hand side (left that that little crop of Snow in Summer Cerastium there as it always reminds me of my Dad) then papering and mulching that area did me in – a long soak in the bath Sunday evening meant I slept sound and was able to finish the container bit yesterday. 

Still more to do tho’ –   I have to attack the grass growing round the side and try to get some gravel or like to help keep it at bay.  Must put my thinking cap on for a cheap and easy solution. 

Looking down from the deck it’s reasonably tidy
Will have to find a good spot for those big black pots
somewhere visible so they get the same attention as the others:))

8 thoughts on “The Home Gardener”

  1. G'day Cathy. Good old Melbourne weather. The sun was out here this morning, then down came the rain, out came the sun again, down came the rain, it continued like this for a while. The sun was actually warm here while it was out.Your garden is looking lovely. Take care. Liz…


  2. That's an old statement about Oklahoma, USA as well. Something everyone credits Will Rogers with saying, "If you don't like Oklahoma weather, stick around and it will change." I had a house in Tulsa, Oklahoma and remember once I looked out the front window and it was pouring down rain but when I looked out the back window it was sunny and dry. No kidding! Don't know what that is called.


  3. Your garden plot came up well after all your hard work Cathy! Good idea keeping it in eye sight… I have to do the same with any new pots I fill, otherwise I forget to water them.


  4. Good job with the garden! It's beautiful, whether it's a little messy or not. :)I looked at the video a little and the bio. Sad that the drummer died.


  5. Hi Cathy, Your garden looks like you have spent some worthwhile time out there. I've been growing veges successfully in boxes for a while now. There's always little corners that can do with a bit of a tidy up, isn't there? As long as you enjoy yourself while working out there..it's all good. Maa


  6. Good Luck with your garden. Here is the Canada we are harvesting our gardens. He have had our first killer frosts but we can look forward to some lovely autumn weather before Winter sets in.My sister and her husband are off to Sydney to visit our niece there. They will then go to New Zealand to visit the sights.


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