Bowen Qld – Most frequented sites

Heres a little glimpse at the sites we visited more frequently than any other during our recent six week ‘sojourn in the sun’ in Bowen Qld

For me it was the long stretch of sea and sand at Queen’s Beach

Just a five minute walk from our cabin
visible down through the Casuarina Trees that run along the foreshore
For Dh it was the fairways and greens of the Bowen Golf Club
A ten minute walk from our cabin
within sight and sound of the Coral Sea
and Queens Beach  
We’d been there before and knew exactly what to expect
That was the attraction
Solitude by the sun sand and sea 
Peace and quiet
Enjoyment alongside all the other Grey Nomads
exchanging the colder winter months of southern Australia 
for the warmer milder days of northern Australia 
The term Grey Nomad is applied to the section of the ageing Australian
population who use their retirement years as a time to experience travel and
holidaying activities once freed from the constraints of work and family commitments

6 thoughts on “Bowen Qld – Most frequented sites

  1. What beautiful photos. What lovely-looking beaches. I WANNA GO!!! If I did not know any better, I'd say that golf course was on one of the Hawaiian Islands! Like the "grey nomad" phrase. They are known as "snow birds" here in the U.S. Mainly because they tend to drive south during the late fall and winter where it is warmer.


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