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Thought I’d pop in and see how you all are – as I use a a very slow internet connection in a cafe in town I haven’t been on line much.  Anyway, I did have a question in an email wanting to know about Bowen so heres a little info.

Well its the most northerly town on the Whitsunday Coast and also the oldest town in Queensland
Its about a 3/4 hour drive from Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour where you can access some of the Whitsunday Island Resorts eg. Hayman, Daydream, Hamilton and also Whitsunday Island with its famous Whitehaven Beach.  This link will tell you a bit about the town

At the moment its been a case of taking the good with the bad, the first weeks were quiet and we were surrounded by what I call ordinary caravans – we aren’t campers and don’t tow a caravan so we stay in the cabins that are springing up in nearly all the caravan parks – these are almost a home from home being contained and fully furnished meaning its like a self catered trip in the places we want to go to without that extra burden hanging on the rear of the  car lol

If you’d like to look at the park we are staying at – here it is   complete with a Golf Course five minutes away right on the beach

Anyway this week its been really busy in the park (read noisy) with huge great Winnebago type things as well as enormous 5th wheeler contraptions that block out the view and we have acquired (thankfully only until this Friday) what I’m describing as the ‘neighbour from hell’ – he doesn’t seem to be a fisherman but is using his time here to fix all the things that seem to have gone wrong on his van while he’s been on the road assisted by many other mechanically minded travellers with nothing else to do on the days its too windy for them to be out on the water dangling their rods.  Thats great for them ‘cept they seem to be unable to talk quietly and do like a drink (or two or three).

Maybe I should learn to put up a tent and find myself a spot in the middle of nowhere to spend my time away – but then I wouldn’t meet some of the lovely people that I ‘have’ met in the parks.

7 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Hi Cathy!Your vacation spot looks so lovely, (they don't show the guys working on their caravans) and the cabins are quite nice! I could spend some time there! I hope your noise moves on and you can have a more enjoyable time! Really good to hear from you!Sharon


  2. Yes, it does look very nice. I agree about not dragging your house (vacation or otherwise) along behind the car. We love our road trips and are Hampton Inn fans here. :)Thanks for checking in. It's good to hear from you.


  3. oh well we have to take the good with the bad. At least most will move on.Enjoy the heat, have a great time and a safe trip home.


  4. Lovely spot for a holiday.Pity about the nuisance … they'll always pop up in life won't they!!Cheerio and lovely to read your update :D)


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