I’ve arrived

Just a little note to say we arrived safe and sound here in Bowen Qld – after four days travel I was so pleased to take things out of the car.  I’ve been enjoying the warm sunshine for week now and feel so much better for it.  The nights and morning are cool but the days are quite pleasant, mind you once the sun goes down I look like a local wrapped up in a jacket and long trousers as its back to being cool again.  Not complaining tho ‘cose the week before we left home it was freezing and I’s sitting here in shorts and a tshirt:).

So while Dh is on the golf course I’m filling my time in with all the crafty things I brought along.  Have knitted and sewn and read as well as taken long walks along the beach.   The van park at Queens Beach is thriving – we are in the same cabin as last time which is good, it was like ‘coming home’ and I didn’t have to think about where to store all all our bits and pieces- no contrary to someone else’s thoughts I did not bring the kitchen sink with me lol – there are many long stay travellers there but an awful lot who are just there for a few days and then moving on so we never know who our neighbours are going to be each day.

Well must go, the wind has dropped (they don’t call this small town Blowin Bowen for nothing) and I need to be on the move again – the beach is calling my name .  We will be home the middle of Septembeer but I’ll pop in again sometime soon

Bye for now

9 thoughts on “I’ve arrived

  1. Hi Cathy,It's so nice to see you here. It sounds as if you're comfortably moved in for awhile. Such fun to have good weather, a place to swim, and crafts at your side. :)))Enjoy!Lois


  2. I could not envy your more as you talk about going from cold to cooler. We are living in hot to hotter weather as our temperatures climb to record highs. I is 106 degrees today and all our grass is brown and crunchy under foot. Enjoy your lovely vacation!


  3. G'day Cathy. Enjoy your holiday. Sounds like you are having fun. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The move went well, we are settling in ok. The weather has warmed up here in Victoria. Have a great time up there Cathy.Take care. Liz…


  4. It sounds like the perfect place to go through transition – it's warm! It should be getting warmer when you go home. Lovely! Oh, the beach, I wish I could go and pick rocks and shells and listen to the waves……In another lifetime perhaps… sigh………….


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