Winter Wednesday

For the past week or so Winter has taken a back seat here where I live – we’ve had some glorious dry and sunny but rather chilly days – days when I snapped out of my miseries and realised moping around being miserable wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Winter made a reappearance today – it was a freezing cold day when gales were howling, rain was pouring and Melbourne (my suburb included) had a 4.4 magnitude earthquake,  but I wasn’t upset in any way. 

Not sure why, maybe its ‘cose I know we will be off in a couple of weeks to the Sunshine State or because we are over the hump in the seasons and Spring will be along sometime soon.

Hazel at Hazel Dene has a little thing going called ‘Winter Wednesday’ where she wants to know some of the things you like about Winter. 

Truthfully some years there is little I like about Winter but one thing I have enjoyed these past couple of weeks was being able to get outside and take a walk

Some days it was in the local park
with its green grassy slopes and windy paths 
Other days I walked along local unmade paths
gouged out like a river bed by all the heavy rain we’ve had
(hopefully the local council will repair them soon)
I’ve enjoyed seeing paths covered in petals from a Camelia
Blown off by the high winds 
Strewn on the ground like confetti
I walked along paths covered with leaves 
wanting dearly to scuff them with my feet 
(but afraid of what the others may think lol)
This Liquid Amber aways drops its leaves late in the season
Not sure what leaves these were on another unmade path
but they made me feel good on this part of my walk
Gave it a sort of ‘country’ look
You wouldn’t think a main road ran alongside this path
So thats what I’ve enjoyed this Winter
Why don’t you pop over to Hazel’s and see what others have enjoyed

8 thoughts on “Winter Wednesday

  1. I know what you mean about the blues, I dread winter as I know that I shall have times when I get down. Okay at the moment as we have the summer. Thank goodness for my love of sewing and crochet at least I have something to occupy myself at these times.Enjoy your breakBrionyux


  2. i'm in vic too and it has been a tad chilly and windy lately,but al in all pretty mild winter really..spring won't be long..thanks for stoppping in to say hey


  3. You've got nice places for your walks. Still a lot of leaves around – they add pretty winter colour. The camellias are lovely aren't they – always a bright spot in the garden at this time of year.


  4. Sometimes when it's winter I wish it were summer, but when it gets hot and humid like it is in Los Angeles today I wish we'd have some of that winter chill. I guess that why I prefer Spring and Fall. Nice photos.LeeTossing It Out


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