Farewell dear friend

In 2 weeks time it would have been 17 years since I first met Lance.  July 1994 in fact.

A lovely friend – so full of vigour and energy.  Dressed so well in his brand new clothes, nothing tatty or dull about him at all.      

Comfortable and airy was how I described him once – yes, he could blow hot and cold at times – but that was at my own making and I have to say he never once let me down.
Always willing to accompany me whenever I wanted to go out and so very helpful when it came to carrying things big and small.
We travelled many kilometres and saw lots of sights together – we were happy together in our own special way.
He didn’t mind if others came along on our journeys, he always gave his best and showed me that there was plenty of room for them to enjoy the same delights as we did together.
We came to the end of our relationship the other day – I have moved on to another Lance. 
This is a younger version of my favourite friend.
Another one full of vigour and energy, so willing to come along whenever needed.
He is so similar yet so very different that when I look at him I know I will have a little trouble finding him sometimes – he doesn’t have the same taste in colour as my first Lance and he certainly has a more modern taste in accessories
Yes, my old friend has gone on to higher things and I now have a younger one.  The funny yet sad thing is that in all the time we knew each other we never had any photographs taken together so I have nothing to remind myself of our friendship. 
So it’s goodbye to my maroon coloured Lancer circa 1994 and welcome to my white coloured Lancer circa 2009 who is now residing in my driveway – courtesy of my bank account and M’itsubishi Motors. 
I do so hope Lance Mark 2 will be as faithful and reliable as my previous Lance was. 

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  1. I do know how you feel, it's hard to have to give up on a good friend you have spent years with. I was devastated when my El Camino was so harshly, ripped from my hands. Some friends are hard to let go, and getting another one – it's just not the same.


  2. Mine faithful friend was 1990 Hilda Honda. She finally ended in up in 2003 a donation for the wounded veterans and she was still a good working helper at the time.


  3. G'day Cathy. I now how you feel. I was sorry to see my gorgeous zippy red Pulsar go a few years back in favour of a Nissan duel cab ute, which is more suited to our dirt road here etc. But with moving into town in another 18 days, I will wish I had my old faithful back and will be trading in my ute, though I have come to love it now as well. Take care. Liz…


  4. Its so hard to say goodbye to old friends, but ohhhhh so exciting getting to know the new ones.May you have many happy motoring years together.


  5. Thanks for the smile. We, too, have found great personalities in our 'friends' who take us from place to place. We still have a '68 Mustang that is a real sweetheart.


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