Pruned roses and swimming cossies

The time of the year for rose pruning in Melbourne and the time of the year for swimming don’t normally go together in my house
That is unless you are bathed in warm sunshine up in Queensland 🙂
Anyway as you can see from this photo today was an exception.
Do you remember what I said the other day about needing some dry sunny weather to clear my thick winter head and send the blues away – well we have certainly made inroads in that dept. The past few days have been beauties and I am feeling so very different this week.   
I’ve walked and enjoyed the sunshine and also had the energy to go the gym.  Today I decided to do something really different – something I hadn’t done for a couple of years at least.
I rocked up to the local indoor pool about 11am – the place was full of like minded oldies doing their laps and exercises in the shallow end.  Putting on my cossy at home I was a little bit concerned with what I saw in the mirror – needless to say I wasn’t too fussed about exposing my body and all its rolly polly bits to people who all looked the same as me lol
So into the water I go and after playing around for a bit in what was supposed to be warm water – have my doubts on what constitutes warm water to them and what constitutes warm to me tho – I decided to try a lap.  I’ll tell you what, its a heck of a long way from one end to the other of a 50 metre pool when you haven’t swum for a while lol
Half an hour later I’d had enough and came home, not puffing and panting but close to it. 
You know, something must have worked because when I got home and walked up the back steps my knee didn’t catch.  I’m definitely going to try to get there again soon.
I think this quote is saying it all for me at the moment
It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.
— Marcus Tullius Cicero
I know I haven’t answered comments or visited other blogs for a while so hopefully this is the turn around I need

7 thoughts on “Pruned roses and swimming cossies

  1. I was thinking today about going to the pool and then remembered – I can't take my o2 tank in the water. That kind of ruined my day, I used to love to swim! Glad you had a go at it! Swimming is great exercise for our aching bones! Good for you!


  2. That was a good idea Cathy – especially when you got some good results from it :D)It is nice to get outside in the sunshine too isn't it.


  3. I have recently contemplated swimming again. There is not chance that I am going to look good in a bathing suit but I love swimming so much I just might quit worrying about how I look. I do see people who don't look like models in their swim suits and don't seem to care a bit. Perhaps you have inspired me.


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