Something that made me smile

As you would imagine some of the blogs I read feature cats- and to even up the score – some of the blogs I read feature dogs lol

Kim at Life at Golden Pines and John at Going Gently are two I really enjoy.  They both have a house full of dogs that amuse me but also sadden me at times. 

Anyway Kim has added a new puppy to her household of Golden Retrievers and because he owns one John wrote a post telling about the joy and characteristics of that particular breed which by the way is not a ‘goldie’ but a ‘scottie’
I think you all realise that dogs aren’t my favourite animal – I don’t dislike them or want to do them harm its just that I don’t get the same feelings when I see them as I do with a cat
We had a trip to Castlemaine last Saturday and just by coincidence look at these two little furry ones waiting outside a cafe.  They certainly charmed me!
They were waiting so patiently, looking very comfortable and at ease which made me think it wasn’t the first time they’d been left there, and although the one on the right was a bit wary at first they both stood up and came forward to say hello . 
You know, I don’t remember ever being bitten but I still get a funny queezy feeling when dogs are close by. Such a shame as I really wanted to say hello but with no owner there I didn’t know how they’d react if I had moved any closer
I think these are Cairn Terriers rather than Scottish – does anyone know if thats correct
Are there any animals you are wary of?

7 thoughts on “Something that made me smile

  1. I am a dog person, by fate, seems I am allergic to cats. I have a cat, I have always had cats, but DC will have to be the last. 😦 She is a love and all she wants is to be my friend…. which makes it a little hard on me, but she gets her love and brushings and then I go wash up. I wish I could have the shots, but with my medications, I can't.Those little dogs you took pictures of, are so cute!


  2. I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. I like cats but I always grew up with mostly dogs, though we don't have any pets right now, not unless you count the squirrels and birds that I am besotted with outside 🙂 These photos of the Westies are very cute and thanks for the link to those blogs. I will enjoy checking them out.


  3. I love all animals but I am weary of them.You just dont know how a dog will react.And have you ever seen a cow come running full on at you when you have hay. Very scary stuff.Or pigs when you have their breakfast. Its best to just dump and run.I know Im a wuss.


  4. Good morning to you. My little niece keeps me so on my toes that it has been long since I have opened my dashboard to see how everyone is doing and who is still writing. And what do I find but these adorable little fuzzies.They are actually called White West Highland Terriers. I have one. He is a mighty strong little boy dog and gives me unending joy. He is a strong willed guy and always so protective of me while being eager for a good snuggle or long walk all at the same time. They are a resilient and husky sort of small dog. I love him! I have a couple of pictures of him on my blog page side roll.Westies were originally whelped from the Cairn some 150-200 years ago so I can see why that breed would come to mind.Your car story cracked me up too. At first I was skimming the read and you caught me off guard. I thought you had really lost a friend for real.Congratulations on the new car. Good for you.Blessings to you today.


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