Looking forward

The June Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 at 3:16 AM in Melbourne.
It means I can now begin to feel a little more positive

The days will get longer and hopefully warmer

I’m finding this Winter so far has been very cold – and very wet
and I haven’t been in the mood to do anything
My chair and the fire have been my companions

We had the most awful storms overnight here in Melbourne 

Mind you so did most of the south and east of the country as this link from news.com.au will tell you
Locally the Weather Bureau forecaster Peter Blake has this to say
‘the wild weather was caused by a cold front which hit Melbourne in the early hours of the morning’.
Mount Dandenong recorded the highest wind gust around the metropolitan area at 102km/h.

You all know where Mt Dandenong is don’t you – yes –  just up the road from where I live
There it is, visible from the end of my street
just follow the road and then make your way up to the top

Today hasn’t been much better either – strong winds and sleety rain.
Tomorrow we are having a heatwave
The forecast for my suburb is an overnight low of 5c/41F
with the grand total of 13c/55f as a high

I know its not cold compared to some of your winters
but it is to me lol
I get this way every winter so really its just the winter blues
A brisk walk on a sunny day seems to pick me up when I feel like this

I know I’m not suffering from SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder   

The shortest day is tomorrow
Sunrise will be about 7.36am and sunset at 5.08pm
Look here and see how the day lengthens by seconds

Imagine how I’d feel if we went back to live in the Northern Hemisphere where it can be dark as early as 4.00pm and not start to get light till 8.00am

Then I would have something to complain about wouldn’t I lol

9 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Meanwhile here in Blighty, we are just about to have our longest day! I love the longer lighter days and could seriously consider dual country living, ie spend summer here and summer over with you guys!Hope your weather improves soon, take caresarah x


  2. At least we didnt get snow, like Bathurst and Orange. But then again it would be nice.Cuddly up under a blankie and a nice hot choc. you will feel better.


  3. Heard about the wild weather over your way – oh my goodness! It's been a lot chillier this winter over our way though. No time at all and the longer days will be with us. Both Sarah's and Angela's suggestions sound good to me 😉


  4. We're sweltering here! It was 99F in upstate South Carolina today. Just trying to stay inside where it's cool. Hope your weather improves and you warm up soon!


  5. I'm glad you don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder. My husband did. It was not an easy thing to watch a retired police detective go through the winters with that. as your days get longer, ours have started to shorten. Popping in to visit your blog and see your flower and bird photos all winter (here) have been a blessing to me when the weather is at its worst here.


  6. SAD must be a dreadful thing to have to deal with, so I am glad you don't have it. I remember my sister telling me years ago when she and her family lived in Norway, that people bought special lights that tricked the brain into thinking the sun was shining. I wish I could remember more of what she told me.


  7. Soon you'll be looking at Spring around the corner while we move into Fall. I so understand how "down" it can make us feel with long, cold, dark days. We will be home for some of those this year.


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