The falling leaves drift by my window

Do you remember a song that began with:
‘The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold’
English lyrics by Johnny Mercer 1947
Now in case you didn’t know it
Today June 1st is the official  first day of Winter here in Australia
Nicely heralded first thing this morning with frost on the windscreen of the car
However, being Winter doesn’t stop the leaves from the deciduous trees
 falling all over the place 
They aren’t drifting by my window
They are floating down all over my garden!

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Unfortunately those leaves,

the ones that come from next door’s Oak Tree,
which is right by our fence line
are not red and gold
but a brown colour lol
You know, it would be a pretty sight if it hadn’t rained so much
Each time I go out to rake them up I get a slipping and a sliding feeling
and come back inside annoyed 
They aren’t doing any harm there
Except when I want to hang washing on the line
Hopefully when there are some more dry sunny days forecast 
 I will be able to get out and clear them up
They are going to come in very handy for topping up the compost heap
There’s just one problem .
Each time I’m out there I keep looking up
and know I’m going to be out there again
And again and again
That tree hasn’t finished with us yet lol 
How on earth do people in the Northern Hemisphere cope
Imagine going through this avalanche each autumn

6 thoughts on “The falling leaves drift by my window

  1. I remember when the kids were little I would send them out to play in the leaves. They had so much fun and we would keep some inside to study during the winter months. They spent many hours playing out there. I always remember those days when the leaves fall. I miss them.


  2. G'day Cathy. Thanks for joining my blog. Great to catch up with another Aussie girl. Don't you just love those autumn leaves !!! I was out yesterday raking more up and at the same time they were falling from the trees onto my shoulders and around my feet. Ho hum, such is life. I look forward to talking with you. Welcome. Take care. Liz…


  3. As a child we raked the leaves up into a pile which we could run and jump into. We had several large oak trees on our property.My father loved having a small fire so the leaves gave him amusement, as he raked a few and burned them. He was known as "firebug Robinson" as he was the only one willing to start block party fires made of material soaked with coal oil. Once, on another occasion he caught the forest around our house on fire. When the neighbourhood became genteel suburban, all burning was banned. The city came along with a big vacuum and sucked up the leaves piled at the curb. No longer would Autumn smell of burning leaves.I recommend starting a compost pile.


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