Well I never!

I was about to make our bed the other day and wondered if I’d have to get another valance
Or more to the point when we get the new bed would the bedspread reach the floor the way it’s supposed to.

This mattress was one of those with a pillow top – when it arrived it turned out to be so deep none of my sheets fitted.

When I put the valance on I realised the base was much lower than the previous one so had to run a seam up the middle to lift it up off the ground
And then when the bed was made I realised the whole thing was much higher than the previous one and as you can see the bedspread has a half mast look about it lol
Its so high when I sit on the side my feet don’t reach the floor and even now 9 years later I still feel as though I need a step ladder to get in lol
As it still hasn’t proved to be the bed it was purported to be
we are going shopping
For a new one!
Now as I looked at the bed in the mirror
Something didn’t look quite right
Trying to be a bit arty farty and make things look a bit different
thats the way I took the photos lol
Standing there I could see what was staring me in the face
It looked like the hotties were having a little love in lol
That’s when my Mother would have said
‘Well I never’
So I turned around to face the bed and this time I really had to laugh
From this angle it almost looked
as if one of the hot water bottles was feeling the cold
She’d have said it again then
‘Well I never’ lol
Almost as if it had taken a cue from me
(not sure when it learned it)
it appeared as if the lavender one who was a bit cold
felt that ‘red’ was a great source of heat
and ‘his’ side of the bed was far warmer than ‘hers’
Now did you ever think I’d be able to get a post out of an unmade bed and two hot water bottles?
What’s the silliest post you’ve ever written?

7 thoughts on “Well I never!

  1. You really don't like the pillow top bed? I really don't like our Tempur-Pedic, maybe we were really meant to sleep in trees……. :-)Silliest post I ever wrote? Hmm… maybe the one where I tried to use the speech recognition on the comp.


  2. Our bed is too high too! It's already one of those 4 poster high beds from the 90's – then when we got our pillow top it was higher – then my hubby thought we needed a memory foam mattress topper – so I bought one of those bedside ladders to get up and into it. I think if I ever fell out of it, I would break my neck. Most of my posts would qualify as "silly", I think.


  3. Im so good Im still topping myself at silly posts.I hope you find the right bed for you, and your hotties will love it too.


  4. Looks like the hotties have got the "hots" for each other. "Well I never" is an understatement. LOLOur bed is so well formed for each of us that we couldn't get a new bed because of all the hassle of getting it well formed. It is very difficult for us to travel because we miss our most comfy bed at home.


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