Kiera’s predicament

These lovely illustrations and words
come from a couple of books I’ve had for while
One is called ‘Cats’
and the other is called ‘A Morning Purr’ 
The author and illustator is  Ron Edwards
1930 – 2008
who was more well known in the bushcraft and folk scene 

The two books have been described as containing monochrome watercolours of cats, each with its own 2 line poem and they are delightful to look at as well as funny to read

Bought from Ron at a market in Port Douglas (signed copies no less)
and given to me by a son who certainly knows what his mum likes

So whats this got to do with my Kiera?
Look at the subject matter she says
A trip to the vet last week ‘cose she was licking and nibbling at the same spot
on one of her front legs
and I thought maybe she had an allergy problem
proved otherwise
Oh the embarrasment of being told 
yes, you’ve guessed
She had a few visitors:((
She is combed regularly, ‘dabbed’ regularly
and her bedding is washed and changed regularly
but these little monsters found a nice comfy  home
in her soft warm furry coat
No sign of irritation on her ‘cept for the nibbling
but they certainly were there
 So we have changed the monthly treatment ( from F to A)
and I have the prospect of ‘bombing’ the house
Cooler weather has meant she spends a lot of time
in front of the heater where its nice and warm
Thank goodness she sits on a little mat that can be washed

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