Feel like a day out ?

Yes thats what Dh said last Friday
he was fed with all the wet and cold days
and he’d decided
We were going to have a day out somewhere
rain hail or shine
‘Get your comfy shoes out and something to keep your fingers warm’
That was funny seeing as how my mitts are fingerless lol
and sort your clothes out today as we are leaving early in the morning
So thats what I did 
It was sort of a surprise
but I did have an idea where we were going
when he said
‘take something to do on the way.  You’ll be in the car for a couple of hours’
Just up the road from us is a little place called Violet Town
Its not too far away – just a couple of hours – in North East Victoria
Little is the right word as up until very recently
it had a population of less that 1000
And on the 2nd Saturday of the month it comes alive
‘Cose thats when the Violet Town Market is on!
It wasn’t the best morning to go for a drive,
there was rain, rain and more rain
as we tootled up the Melba Highway
but by the time we were on the other side of Kinglake Forest  
I saw the most beautiful double rainbow over the tops of the grape vines
and then the promise of a better day
But it turned out to be a cold, cold morning
The heavy shoes and mitts came in very handy
Lots of great things to see, fruit veg and crafts and hot food

I only took a couple of photos because my fingers were cold

and stayed tucked up inside my fingerless mitts for most of the time. 
Now lots of places have their chook raffles and meat raffles to try to raise funds
But look at this idea for a fundraiser
Superb for a place thats gets a bit nippy in the wintertime
A wood raffle lol
With the cost of wood these days
I’m sure there weren’t any locals who didn’t buy a ticket lol
Coming home we could see the sun on the hills in the distance
A sign that it had been a nice dry sunny day -somewhere
By the time we got to the new Yarra Glen bypass the clouds were gathering again
Thats the Dandenongs in the distance  
If you enlarge and look closely you can see the TV masts on the hill
Yes the same ones I can see from my garden
Oh theres those comfy shoes again
I’ve had them for a few years now
They will last for quite a few more I think
as they only see the light of day in the winter
I’ve been trying to post this for a couple of days
Blogger has been very trying to say the least:((

4 thoughts on “Feel like a day out ?

  1. I was going to go to this months market too, but something came up and I couldnt go! Dam I wish I had we might of met up.


  2. What a nice outing. The double rainbow was fun to see. I had the good lukc to snap a photo of one w few years back – right over our house (and half the state, too.)


  3. What a lovely surprise for you! A real nice outing to the market. They're always good, especially in the small towns I feel. People come from everywhere! Beaut picture of the rainbow – love it!My signal for an outing is "Do you feel like a drive?"… magic to my ears.Lovely hubbies :D)


  4. With the cost of wood, you're right; that's not a bad idea in the least bit. I've never seen anything like that, but sounds like a lot of fun. I only wish our town did it! And at least you got to see a rainbow :)Ava


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