Just a Days Drive

We had a very early start this time so it was only just getting light an hour into our journey across the city to the Western Highway for the days drive to Adelaide – over 700kms away
Now bear in mind I don’t do mornings and leaving home at stupid o’clock is not my idea of fun so its well into the first hour before I come to lol
Dawn in the western suburbs
Big roads now so we are on our way:)
I’m just waking up properly – enough to use my camera lol
2 hours from home – Ballarat Turnoff
Out on the open road again
Happy farmers in this area
Full dams and Cut hay
Tootling on, still in the passenger seat
Nearly time for a break
We pass this distance sign – one I always get antsy about
Dadswell Bridge is home to this enormous Koala
He’s quite a touristy thing – lots of travellers stop to take photos there – we’ve driven past him countless time but there was one time I sped through and passed a remark about the amount of cars on the side of the road
Thought no more about it till a week later and a note from the traffic  police arrives
Seems one of those cars had a speed camera attached and it appears I didn’t see this speed sign just before the town
Learnt my lesson that day and always get a bit toey when we are in the area lol 
Lunch at Horsham and then its my turn in the drivers seat so no more pictures till we stop at Tailem Bend
Look how high the river is – the Murray in flood is good in one way but bad in another
Then with dh at the helm its all go –
over the very nondescript kilometre long Swanport Bridge 
The river is high here also

On to the South Eastern Freeway – 66 kms to go, then we are in the hills and near our journeys end

Look there’s another Grey Nomad in their van ahead of us
There are oodles of them on the road -We saw loads of them that day – all enjoying their retirement travelling round Aus
Wonder where they are heading to – are they coming or going?
On and on we go ’till we pop out at the end of the Heysen Tunnels
Then its down into town
and by 4pm we have made it over to our friends place at West Lakes.
If you’d like a better view of the photos just click on them and they will enlarge

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  1. So much fun to read your blog from a part of the world where I have never been. I would love to see pictures of Adelaide. My friend Rachael rescues lizards and snakes and she had a lovely bearded dragon she named Adelaide. Just an asides. Have a great visit.–Inger


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