Whats on Kiera’s mind

Not sure whats she’s thinking
but it could be along the lines of
‘I can hear every word you are saying’
‘I just choose to ignore you’
She’d heard me mention ‘going away’ and ‘ringing the cattery’
And ignore me she did lol
On my mind is remembering to check I booked Kiera into the cattery for the time we are away next week 

7 Replies to “Whats on Kiera’s mind”

  1. Does Kiera not like the cattery? Maybe she just wants you to think so… Some cats are pretty devious! LOL!She sure looks pretty on her bed!


  2. Our cat, Mr Tesla has been pining for our son whose away at Navy training until the 20th. Each cat has it's very own unique character and I love the photo of your's so totally giving you the "back".


  3. Do you have a neighbor that can watch her for you? I'm very lucky in that sense. My wonderful neighbors watch my kitty when I'm gone and allows him to be less stressed by being home. He always leaves me a little 'present' when I return just to show me his disapproval-he, he.


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