Folk Club – March 2011


Second Tuesday in the month means Folk Club guest night

All I can say is that last night we had a fabulous turn out – a full house
and if you came late – it was hard luck, you had to stand lol
Last night the guest performer was Martyn Wyndham – Read.
I definitely can’t describe him as well as this does
Martyn is one of our best known and respected singers, with a laid-back, hypnotic style which never fails to relax and enthrall his audiences; he is also an acknowledged expert on Australian song
He has been ‘on the road’ for many many years playing lots of large venues and festivals   We really enjoyed his visit to the Victorian Folk Music Club   and we were ‘honoured’ to have him come and perform in a small wooden hut in
Ringwood East.
Asking for no flash to be used mean’t rather dark photos
Perhaps you’d like to see listen to some of these youtube videos
And these are the dates for performances on Martyn’s 2011 Tour
for all you know he might be playing near you

So that was last night
Next month we have another coming who is sure to please
Ted Egan

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