Furniture and people

Last year I did a post about music and how I associated certain pieces with certain people
Now have a look at the wooden chair below
I have no idea what the correct term is for it is but my Mum used to call them ‘Bed chairs’
When I was little we had something similar but not the same
The back on ours dropped almost flat so you felt as though you really were lying down on a bed
But –  my Grandad in Belfast had one almost identical – you would swear it was the same one lol
Last September we were in the small town of Twillingate on the northern coast of Newfoundland and visited the Durrell Museum
Thats where I took this photograph  
 I saw it out of the corner of my eye as we walked in – I wandered over and stood there feeling quite sad and teary eyed remembering the last time I’d seen one like this – many years ago when I was about 15 – and thats quite a long time ago lol 
I suddenly missed the Grandad I hadn’t seen since then.
Now my question is
Is there a piece of furniture that reminds you of a certain person ?

4 thoughts on “Furniture and people

  1. I don't know if it qualifies as furniture but my ironing board always reminds me of my Dad. He bought it for me when I got married 47 years ago and it is still in perfect working order. It is a heavy metal legged one and has been recovered loads of times.Brionyx


  2. I remember my mom every time I look at her ironing board. It's a wooden one she had for many years that belonged to her mother. My daughter borrowed it the other night to iron her nurses uniform on. Four generations of women and it still works as good as new. Grandma's rocking chair and Singer sewing machine are two other things that remind me of the grandmother that I don't remember but feel a bond with.


  3. Not furniture, but the bread knife that my Grandpa used to cut bagels at Sunday breakfast time. It now cuts bagels in my kitchen and I never pick it up or glance at it that it doesn't make me feel 6 years old again, sitting at the kitchen table, watching Grandpa cut bagels…….


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