Flowers in the hallway

Each week I think there won’t be any flowers in the garden
but with the alternating wet days and then warm ones 
the roses don’t seem to be waiting for cooler days to bloom again
So where I thought would be no more for this week 
odd ones keep popping up an various bushes
Not arranged in any particular order they all seem to blend well with each other and I managed to glean the last – or what I think are the last -pieces of the yellow Cape Fuschia (Phygelius)  and  Penstemon along with a couple of fuschia flowers and some long stemmed lavender

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11 thoughts on “Flowers in the hallway

  1. Just lovely…Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.I posted my garden pictures for Today's Flowers event and Blog Anniversary.Perhaps you want to visit a garden in Canada?


  2. Oi Cathy!Seu arranjo é lindo! A casa mostrada no meu post é a casa dos meus pai. Meu pai tem oitenta anos, e todos os cachos de rosas ele corta e dá para minha mãe. Este eu consegui fotografar antes de ele ver. No outro dia estas flores já estavam no vaso dentro de casa. Obrigada pela visita e abraços a você!


  3. Cathy herethanks for all the comments on the roses – they certainly are making a difference to the hallway – not sure what I'll do in the wintertime lolAnyway for those who'd like to know what Mitiam just said – I used G translate and this is the answerHi Cathy! Its arrangement is gorgeous! The House shown in my post is the home of my father. My father has eighty years, and all bunches of roses it cuts off and give to my mother. This I managed to photograph before he see. The other day these flowers were already in the pot indoors. Thank you for stopping by and hugs to you!


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