Magpie youths on the town

OK mate – come on up, the coast is clear
That big brown cat is nowhere to be seen
and the Lady of the House seems occupied elsewhere
What do you mean – its all dark
and theres some one following you
Oh lor’ I know you’re only a young un but you can’t go around
being scared of your own shadow
anyway come on into the shade –
Need to take a breather after all that heat 
Look at us – a couple of young bucks surveying the scene
Well we aren’t bucks, we are actually young Australian Magpies
They call us Juveniles and theres a lot of us around at the moment
you’ll recognise us by our grey plumage and scruffy look
and the fact we hang around with the oldies a lot
 The juvenile Australian Magpie has a grey mottled look, and its eyes are brown. It tends to follow its parents around screeching to be fed – even when it is nearly fully grown.

I’ll just move along this fence a bit
You’re right I can lots from here
Still a bit cagey tho – wondering where that cat is
Well come on down and look from this angle
Yes I know we are on top of that thing the cat lies on
and what ever you do don’t poop on this blanket
We’ll never hear the end of it from
You know who – yes – the Lady of the House
Well that was short lived fun wasn’t it
I told you to be quiet and not make a mess
No wonder she told us to get out of there
Go on, outside and play she said –
you’ve got that huge great garden to play in
and you sit around doing nothing 
No good looking back up there
We’ve done it for today
Come over here – we’ll dig around in the grass
could be something to eat down there
and you will be able to see
lots of other critters from around the world
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9 thoughts on “Magpie youths on the town

  1. My husband has a few in our back yard that come and sing at the back door or tap with their beaks for a snack, he talks to them and they sing back to him as if they are having a conversation.


  2. I enjoyed that post! those are some nice looking birds too…I look forward to the birds being back this spring, my yard is too quiet…have a nice Valentines day!


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