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Call me irresistible

Hello there
My name is Kiera 
Actually – to be precise my name is
Kingswood Maura Delight
But I always get Kiera at home
I am a Brown Burmese cat and am 11 years old
I came to live here when I was just a little tiny one
Unlike some of my housemates from years gone by
I didn’t go on the show bench
but stayed at home and had lots of lovely little babies
Really lovely ones just like me
Now, do you remember last week
when I tried to get a bit of shut eye
on the back deck and someone
who shall remain nameless inplied I was fat
Well she didn’t actually call me fat but I knew thats what she meant 
Anyway later that day she was sitting on the deck
and I came over to ask her to explain what she meant
She then asked me to come and sit with her for a while
Had to look around to make sure it was me she was talking to
She said she was sorry for offending me
Then she said, come closer
So I thought 
‘I”m in with a chance here’
Oh no – thats what my Dad said when he first saw my Mum
It was so nice to be near her
you know how that song goes
‘Lay your head on my shoulder’
Well I just laid my head on her leg
It was better than nothing as her shoulder was right up in the air
and it felt
Oh so nice and comfortable
I lay there soaking up the sunshine
wishing she’s stop shoving that camera in my face
Especially when I am sleepy
and you will see
lots of other Critters from around the world

21 thoughts on “Call me irresistible”

  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog (a new follower as of today)…I enjoyed it so much! especially the critters…I will be back to visit again. I have a blog as well, your more than welcome to come for a visit. Have a great day! Jennifer


  2. Kiera you are beautiful and sleek and have a sweet face! William the Orange asked me to tell you that on his behalf — he's hoping you will think he's handsome πŸ™‚ I think he's planning ahead with Valentine's Day!Visiting via Camera Critters


  3. Lovely to see pretty Kiera again. I really like Burmese cats as they are bright and super affectionate, wanting to snuggle up.(Amazingly my moggy has some Burmese in him – and, based on his appetite, some Garfield too, lol!)Great that Kiera got her snuggle time with you in the sunshine.


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