Thin again – Begin again

The future depends on what we do in the present
Mahatma Gandhi
There was an old man called Michael Finnegan

He grew fat and then grew thin again

Then he died and had to begin again

Poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again

Part of the lyrics to a fun Irish song my Dad used to sing 
When you are small – by that I mean is not very tall - every extra kilo of weight shows in the form of flabby flesh rolls of fat, so you try very hard to trim down and lose it – things happen and it reappears – you work hard at it again  – then slacken off and ‘Hello Again’ those extra kilos are back again lol  For me over these past few years it seems like a never ending yo-yo situation
Compared to others I don’t have a lot to lose but with a family history like mine and a GP advising you to lose it the benefits of not being over weight are very important.  
It was the reason I started this blog a few years ago – 
And looking back again I know I can do it with help –
Now this photo is of a pathway I often walk down – nice and straight (well sort of) then theres a bit of a bend and then it carries on in the same direction straight down the road – sort of like this journey of mine   
Except there seem to be more and more twists and turns along the way

Which means I am going to have to Make Good Food choices by not bringing temptation into the house – Exercise on a regular basis by using my Leisure Centre membership frequently and Walking at every opportunity – and also Use Skills Learned in the past maybe even Revisit the learning centre (WW).

We live in a beautiful area with nice leafy suburbs around about so theres no excuse for me not to be out and about

Can you see how this path straightens out as its going up the hill, well thats where I’m going. 

Onward and Upward………..or should that be downward lol

Photos will enlarge with a click
Oh and the quote at the top – how true it is

One I have to think of and live by if I want to return to a healthier me

The future depends on what we do in the present.
Mahatma Gandhi

13 thoughts on “Thin again – Begin again

  1. Good luck, Cathy! It seems so easy in the theory and planning, doesn't it? I have spent many years on the same road and come across so many diversions and roundabouts on the way but I'm setting off again, too.See you at the top!Maureen


  2. Hi Cathy..lovely to hear from you again. :-)Our Australia Day was nice…had fun playing cricket & as usual ate too much at the BBQ.I can very much relate to your post…I am still trying to get rid of the kilo's. Doing good with exercise, but need to put more effort into the healthy eating. Good Luck with your Journey. Adding you to my blog list. 🙂


  3. Okay Cathy, let's help each other:) I too am reflecting on my heritage and seeing the ill effects lack of exercise and proper eating have caused. My parents and grandparents lived well into their 90s but some had problems with weight and inability to walk that hampered their quality of those long lives. I want to try and beat that inheritance and enjoy what years I am given.


  4. As I sit here hibernating You inspire me to get up and move ……. then I look outside to see that the snow that melted yesterday is now a sheet of ice. Maybe I should just walk around inside …….. with a mop in front of me……


  5. Hello Kathy and thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I love the international composition of my followers. There is so much to learn from other parts of the world and what a wonderful way to accomplish that on the blogs.–Inger


  6. Good morning Cathy. Thank you for your kind comments greeting me this morning when I woke. Don't worry. You weren't rambling. I enjoy it as it makes me feel as though we are sitting and sharing a cup of coffee or tea.I went back and read the other posts you linked to and had to smile with you at your experiences. I can so relate to everyone wanting to plan your days when you retired. I found that same thing happen when I stopped home schooling our girls after 12 years.This new journey you are on, I cheer you on and know you can completely do what makes you feel right and happy with yourself. May I say to encourage you (as much for reminding myself as well with my own journey) that you are doing this for yourself and no one else. It doesn't matter what others say your size or food choices should be. (media is so bad about that. I have a few well intentioned people in my life as well that seem to make jabs about my weight and food choices and no matter what I do it is not their choice) The purpose for healthy eating is for you to feel good. One of the bigger temptations for me this past week has been to get on the scale to see my progress and I keep reminding myself that it is not about that.Anyway, thanks you for listening to me go on and on.Blessings to you today.


  7. I am sorry, I went off on my own talking agenda and forgot your question. You had asked me about liking the changes in my activities as of late. Yes I do see it all as a good thing. I needed that time to myself when I first came back from caring for my dad. But if I didn't have Angel-girl here to keep me busy, I think I would still be sitting in a corner feeling swirling and overwhelmed.It is all too easy to be complacent and resist change. I think God purposes to make things around us different so that we would spur on to the next adventure.I am so very grateful.Thank you for asking.


  8. Good luck on your journey and I think we all follow that same path with twists and turns the whole way. I think as we get older the weight becomes harder to keep off.


  9. Oh Cathy…good luck with the weight. I have rather the opposite problem..not getting enough calories, the other side of the coin but an issue none the less. I am envious of your heat. I am finding it so hard to keep warm.


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