Everything old is new again

I don’t know if any of you remember but three years ago (January 2008) Rhonda Jean (Down to Earth ) suggested a challenge we might like to take part in. 
She called it the Three Gifts Challenge and encouraged us to choose three items or actions we use or do and think we could limit our use of or even eliminate.
I chose my three actions and later that year posted about how I was coping and what changes I’d actually achieved    
Have to say three years later I am awash with shopping bags – it seems like every company that ever there was have canvas shopping bags available and guess what – I still have to think twice before going into the supermarket to make sure I’ve got them with me lol  
Dh wont use them (the canvas ones) unless forced to – He shops for our fruit and veg and brings it home in plastic bags – which I don’t mind too much as I use them for the bin and they are also the ones which break down after a while. 
There has only been the rare occasion when we have bought bottled water and I have only actually paid for one box of tissues in the last 3 years so all in all we haven’t done too badly considering our usage beforehand.
I’ve been sorting out the library of cookery books that fell on the floor and found a very old Australian Womens Weekly (November 1977) in amongst a huge pile of paper recipes that came from my aunt’s place when she moved into a nursing home and I sort of acquired an awful lot of her ‘stuff’ lol  
I had a good read this afternoon and was amazed to find this article which made me think about the concerns we have had over recent years about plastic shopping bags and thats what reminded me of my challenge.  ‘To give up plastic bags and use ordinary shopping bags’.
If you find the print a bit on the small size the clipping will enlarge – just click and click again
Nothing new in this world – is there lol

2 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

  1. It's more "in fashion" to be environmentally friendly nowadays, but a lot of people have been evnvironmentally friendly all their lives.I remember going into town to pick up things for my monther and I always took a basket or bag with me. At the green grocers everything was put into paper bags. Mind you we didn't recycle back them.In Britain there is an uproar as they are talking about only allowing you 80 bags of garbage a year……Gill in Canada


  2. I also remember when I was asked "Paper or Plastic?" when I shopped. Now we generally have the big plastic bags along and reuse them until they tear and are no longer useful, then we put them in the little garbage can next to one of the living room chairs for candy wrappers etc. We literally use them till they aren't bags any more. I do use some paper bags – for ripening fruit, setting greasy things on and that type of thing.


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