I’m a survivor

When I see particular flowers
they usually ‘say’ some thing to me to me
Geraniums are so bright and lively they say happiness
Arum Lilies have a mournful look about them
and they say sadness
However Gardenias are so calm
they say ‘peace and quietness’
so when they first start blooming 
I always bring some indoors
Believe it or not this is just two Gardenia Radicans plants
growing up the side of our old garage

They have been there about twenty years now
tiny little things they were
planted as an experiment
and how they have survived I’ll never know
They are growing in the thinnest piece of dirt imaginable
rarely get watered ‘cept for the run off down the driveway
and certainly never get fed
When they bloom I feel they deserve to come into my kitchen
for me to savour their heady perfume
and smile at the lovely white colour of their petals
I took these photos a few weeks ago
Hard to see with no flash
but with flash the ambience of the photo seems to be lost
Look at that lovely bud with the green edging on the petals
The photo above of the plants by the garage
and the one below were taken today
The flowers that are blooming now have a creamy appearance
and not the bright white the earlier ones had
They are dieing off more quickly as well
which is a shame

4 thoughts on “I’m a survivor

  1. Your gardenias have apparently found the perfect home with the right recipe of sun and water. How lovely for you to enjoy. Gardenias have such a heavenly and peaceful (not a normal describing word for a smell but the only one that fits my mind) smell.


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