A visit to the flea pit – a rather nice one tho’

You know how sometimes things get put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten only to be found quite a while later.

Well, the other day we found one of last years Christmas presents (2009) tucked behind something on the notice board in the  laundry

Yes, theres that much stuff pinned on the the board its not the first time important things have been overlooked and forgotten:(

It was a really nice surprise that was unearthed:)

The gift was  Gold Class Movie tickets – nothing to be sneezed at.  Just think – I nearly lost the chance to watch a film sitting in a luxury recliner with food and drink served at your chair because of a lack of drawing pins lol

Today we took advantage of that gift – had a lovely day out and were entertained at the same time.

So after making sure they were still valid and booking our seats ( theres only 18 seats in the theatrettes) we took the train to the City and went to the cinema in the Crown Casino.  The complex out our way had only 3 films available and there was about eight to choose from in the city.

So what did we choose to see – The Kings Speech

A film thats going to be big time, one that has been shown at many film Festivals this year, won awards already and has only just gone on general release.  In fact I don’t think it’s even been released in the UK yet.

I thoroughly enjoyed it – not because I remember being told of King George’s speech problem when I was a child but because I enjoyed the acting and the whole feel of the film.  A ‘nice’ film – no violence no nudity a bit of foul language but in context and lots of wondering if thats the way it really was.

Heres a link to the official site – http://www.kingsspeech.com/

And heres a review from an Australian newspaper
Go and see it even if you aren’t a monarchist.  I would willingly see it again

4 thoughts on “A visit to the flea pit – a rather nice one tho’

  1. WOW! I have never heard of such a thing – recliners and being waited on while you watch a movie (sounds like something DH does all the time, here at home) Must be some posh place! You nearly missed out! Good that you found the tickets and had a good time!


  2. Aren't the smaller picture theatres with their comfy seating and catering so lovely to visit – such an enjoyable occasion.Happy New Year from an already in 2011 NZ – nowt to worry about or scare so far, lol,with care, love and many huggles, Michelle and an alert yet cosy Zebby Cat, xxx and purrrrumbles


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