What goes down often comes back up again

Strange title
Bet you are wondering what I’m on about lol
Thought you’d like to see a series of photos taken the day we went to Cape Schank
The cost of a Lighthouse tour was a bit prohibitive for all of us
so we chose to walk down the boardwalk
and look at the tip of the Cape and Pulpit Rock from the beach
So here we are about to begin our decent 
See the black line – it shows where we had to walk
Click the photo and enlarge to follow us
all the way to the rocks below
Half way down and theres the Lighthouse up on the hill
with the rocky coast below
Made it to the bottom
and theres Pulpit Rock round the corner
It was too slippery to walk all the way round
What comes in
Usually goes out
 Now for hard part – going back up
I can tell you that the last set of steps
back up to the top was a killer
We are planning to go back down again
this summer if the weather is good
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12 thoughts on “What goes down often comes back up again

  1. Beautiful pictures, Cathy, but there is NO way! Oh, I could get down them and it would take me a good while, but I would need a helicopter or other means to get back up those steps! That's some view though!


  2. I think I will be going to the gym for a while yet before I attempt those steps! Great photos, I wish the sun would come out and we could all start to complain about the heat for a while.


  3. Wonderful pictures of a beautiful spot.Dare I mention the Boxing Day Test? I'm finding Cricket is the ideal tv spectator sport for knitters as you can knit between balls and overs – I made Dad a hat (at his request – he's a little thin on top these days) to match his birthday jersey during the first 2 days of the test match!


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