Day out down by the beach

The weather man seems to be getting it right this week
and I’m pleased about that
Fine dry days – a bit blowy but basically good
Just as well because we’d sort of promised
one of our families who’d gone away for the week
we’d pop down to where they were and see them
because they won’t be home for Christmas Day
They had taken a week at a resort just over an hours drive from home
Yes, we will go away that close to home
if the accomodation is down by the beach lol
So yesterday (Thursday) Dh and I
popped all their pressies into the car
and made the long journey
way down to the Mornington Peninsula
We met up with them at Rosebud 
and walked out along the very windy Jetty
Looked out over the water and back to land
Remembering times gone by
when we would bring the children down for the day
Then we made our way down to Cape Schank
to see the Lighthouse
We saw the  rugged coastline
Took a walk along a boardwalk – up and down many steps 
and came face to face with the stony beach down below
I’ll fill you in on our day out over the next few posts

7 thoughts on “Day out down by the beach

  1. Oh oh oh, blue skies, beach, everything I am dreaming of in this white world of ours I could cope with that kind of Christmas so much better, have a great one it's almost here.


  2. It looks very sunny, I hope the wind wasnt too cold. So it sound like you had a nice christmas, I do hope santa was good to you, you are such a great lady how could he not be.


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