Sunset at Glenelg Foreshore

Whilst we were in Adelaide recently we had dinner
at the Glenelg Surf Club
It had been a scorching hot day and when we arrived
at about 7pm the beach was still full of people
With the sun still above the horizon
it was hard to get photos of the area down below
That’s the lifeguards raised patrol hut in front of the club house
Now the sun has started to drop behind the clouds
the beach is still busy tho’
and for some reason
the sky has a cooler clearer look about it
9.15pm now and the jetty lights have come on
Quite an eerie look to the very hot foreshore
The white van is a local Police divvy van
Just doing a little run around the area 
 ‘cose if you enlarge the photo
you’ll see the foreshore and the beach is still full of people
so on a very hot evening
its better to be safe than sorry
A collection of skies from around the world

5 thoughts on “Sunset at Glenelg Foreshore

  1. Aah, wish I was there! It's cold, damp and promises to be a pretty nasty night here. I am sure that in the morning, there will be cars in the ditches all over the place.I would take your kind of heat any time! I do not know the equivalent to Fahrenheit, but I know we have had a lot worse. ;-)It's a nice beach, did you go in?


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