Oh for a seat to rest my weary bones lol

After braving one of the shopping centres nearby I came home feeling quite weary
This was a fairly biggish centre with several national stores
Coming out of one of them I needed to sort out all the bits and pieces I was carrying
so looked for a seat of some sort
Not an empty one to be found
all full of that age group who feel the need to ‘hang around’
not doing much – certainly not waiting for their adults – messing about with their feet all over the seats
Made me feel quite annoyed they did
Mind you, not nearly as annoyed as the elderly lady who asked one of them to move on
and received a rude reply
I think the ‘kid’ was a bit taken aback when a couple of his ‘mates’ jumped up and offered her a seat instead
I could have done with one of these empty benches
seen on a wet day in Skagway Alaska last August
Like the animals in Noah’s Ark
they seemed to come in two by two
Funny tho’ – so many available yet –
– or maybe because of all the wet weather –
very few were taking time to sit and rest
I managed to hang on to all the parcels until I reached the car
then tossed them very unceremoniously on to the back seat
with a big sigh
I am not going near a shopping centre again ’till the silly season is over

3 thoughts on “Oh for a seat to rest my weary bones lol

  1. You won't catch me in those places! Not this time of year! You are so right about this being a silly season!How awful this new generation is – that that poor woman had to ask to sit down! How rude of the first one! Shame on them!Done shopping now?


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