Regatta – the reason for the trip

So some of you have asked
Why did we go to Adelaide the other weekend in the first place
Well dh is a national official for Australian Canoeing
and there was a Grand Prix Sprint Regatta scheduled to be held at that time
These events are held in other states as well and he usually goes by himself
meeting up with the other officials wherever 
but with us able to stay with friends in Adelaide  
I decided that this time I would go with him 
After the horrible wet weeks we’d been having in Melbourne
I was looking forward to the sunny dry weekend that was forecast
but didn’t appreciate the humidity that became worse and worse as the days went by
The event took place at Oarsmen Reserve – West Lakes Shore
not far from where we were staying
which was good as the day started for them all at 7am
and you know what its like when you stay up late –
eating drinking and talking takes a toll on you after a few days lol
Here you can see all the paraphenialia used by the athletes and clubs
Brightly coloured canoes and kayaks strewn out all over the reserve 
along with the tent structures needed for shade
Paddlers come from all over Australia for these Canoe Sprint events
There were recognised Olympic athletes there as well as youngsters
who have a good future in front of the them and are being identified as such
by inclusion in the Australian Sports Commission’s
all photos enlarge
click and then click again
Because all the ‘men’ were busy with their allocated ‘jobs’
we only popped down to say hello a couple of times
Here I was just in time for the start of one race
The kayaks are held steady before the race
No, that person doing the job won’t fall in the water as they are lying on a board lol
Going down the straight
There are times when the finish is close
and others when the placing is easy to see
Here are some K4s – four man kayaks
being taken out of the water
Long and bulky
Dh was on the weight scales this day
watching the youngsters plod up the beach 
They are all weighed before a race and some are weighed after
to make sure all is above board and no illegal weight has been added
You could be looking at some future Olympians here 
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